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 Mercenary Wars Tips

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PostSubject: Mercenary Wars Tips   Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:45 pm

In free for all: Keep constantly moving, and make sure you are constantly looking in all directions around you to lower the chance of being attacked from behind, and increase the chance of spotting weapon flashes and grenade flashes to alert you to enemy pressence.

Jumping is very useful for aiming down and getting headshots, but do not use it if you do not accompany it with some directional movement. A simple straight up jump will simply turn an enemy's headshot aim, into a body damage aim and that will usually still kill you with a burst of ammo. Instead try to constantly move left / right while jumping or crouching to avoid incoming fire.

The person who attacks first in most cases will win a gunfight. As such, use corners as your friend. Look around the corner, duck back, then jump out shooting.. unless an enemy is constantly shooting at the corner (which wastes ammo and sooner or later causes them to need to reload) you will have a fraction of a second advantage while their eyes register your presence, and the command to fire moves through their brain to their finger on the trigger button. That fraction of a second can be the difference between a kill or a death.

Use the Merc War option to practice skills such as avoiding damage or correct aiming or corner dash-shooting. However, do not use the mercenaries for practicing your stealth since they automatically react to any enemy close to them regardless of your skill at hiding and camping. In other words.. don't try to camp behind a door against the bots or you'll die.. a lot.

The key to getting kills with assault rifle or smg or even the mg is controlled bursts, not continuous spray. The only time continuous spray should be used is when you and another both rounded a corner at the same time and are face to face without warning. In that situation every bullet that you land counts as there isn't time for finesse such as head aiming.

Be unpredictable... change directions at times, sometimes crouch, sometimes jump, bounce to the left and right... anything you can think of to disrupt the enemy's aim.

Try to hide as much of your body as you can behind obstacles, walls, and other things of that nature. When moving, try to use walls and other objects to cover your movements as much as possible.

Use the pistol (2 key) to sprint rather than your main gun or a knife. The pistol is faster to run than primary weapon, but it allows for distance attacks when you encounter an enemy by surprise, unlike the knife which will leave you at a disadvantage from having to swap weapons while they can fire at will.

It is human nature to almost never look up. In general this is true to most gamers as well. Whenever possible, try to find a high ground to shoot from. Occasionally people will look up, but usually you'll get several free kills before someone spots you.

This game is first person perspective, which means that you can't see anything behind you. Get used to taking random 180 degree turn checks to avoid being knifed in the back.

More to come...
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PostSubject: Re: Mercenary Wars Tips   Fri Jan 01, 2010 8:19 pm

wow sweet guide
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PostSubject: Re: Mercenary Wars Tips   Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:50 pm

Nice tips Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Mercenary Wars Tips   Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:54 am

very helpful
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PostSubject: Re: Mercenary Wars Tips   

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Mercenary Wars Tips
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